Ceo Founder

Moishe Ganan Tub

Estudios en BIOSEGURIDAD, FISIOLOGIA, PATOLOGIA (animal/humana).
GENETICA Y REPRODUCCION ASISTIDA (breeder semillas, feminización, autoflower, plantas)
Contamos con bancos de semillas a disposición con sus debidos certificados

10+ años EXPERIENCIA CANNABIS (conocimiento practico y teórico INTEGRAL)
(Medicinal, Recreativo, industrial, legal, otros)
Capacidad de formación de Equipo Especializado (internacional con prioridad locales)
Conocimiento actualizado de legislación y estándares internacionales sobre Cannabis y estupefacientes

Socio en producción industrial de CBD medicinal (URUGUAY) (con stock disponible dos toneladas y posibilidad d contratos d proveedor para cualquier cantidad)

Experto en SEGURIDAD

(Varios contratos de confidencialidad firmados..)

También posee estudio en sistemas de energías renovables. 

Moshe Ganan Tub

What I do:

I am an experienced specialist in plant’s betterment of growth dynamics, and essences extraction processes  for pharmaceutical use  and other industry related applications.


At present I’m finishing (last year of studies) the odontology grade from Universidad de la Republica. UDELAR Montevideo, Uruguay. (5th year).

Additional studies:

Assisted reproduction and genetics for the development of special breeder seeds, crop feminization, autoflower, and other commercial plant growth  related applications.
Biosecurity, genetics, human and animal pathology.
Industrial safety expert.
Industrial automation and optimization processes.
AI applied to agricultural processes.
Renewable energies for industrial processes.

Cannabis industry’s legal framework expertise:

I have a deep ( and updated) knowledge of international legislation, regulations and standards on Cannabis and other related (and unrelated) narcotic substances.

Work Experience

I have more than 10+ years Cannabis indutry’s experience (Practical and theoretical knowledge) in Uruguay. My field of expertise covers applications ranging medicinal, recreational, industrial, and related legal frameworks.

Before arriving in Israel, I was an active developer and a consultant of the backbone infrastructure for the Cannabis industry during the process that ended up with its full legalization legislation, in Uruguay.

I am an experienced end to end cannabis indutrial processes facility setup and operations operator and trainer. (From special purpose seed develoment  stage to brand building and end consumer products) covering  the full market niche range B2B2C, B2B, B2C.

At present I partner with companies extracting and exporting diferent cannabis pharmaceutical related seeds and products. Mostly at this time, I am involved with in an industrial production and exporting operation of pharmaceutical CBD from Uruguay with a permanent minimun  2 ton availability for immediate shipment  in stock.

Languages: Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, English.

Will be available for incorporation to a new project by the mid July. Please feel free to  contact me for additional context and background experience details.